Project CURE Nicaraguan Coffee Delivers Medical Relief

Gourmet coffee to Boca Java is more than the coffee beans we use, it’s about the people that work to provide the best coffee beans they can. Unfortunately many of the regions where the best coffee comes from are remote and poor. Buying direct trade and fair trade coffee certainly […]

Project CURE Nicaraguan Coffee Donation 2015

Green coffee cherries

We Visit the Origin of Our Indonesian Coffee

We are passionate about our coffee at Boca Java. We source the best 100% Arabica, specialty grade, certified coffee that we can find. Certified coffees that are Organic, Rain Forest Alliance and sourced direct are of a higher quality which makes for a perfect cup of coffee. Getting satisfaction from that perfect cup goes […]

Chemex vs. French Press – An Infographic

Here at Boca Java we LOVE our coffee. It is more than just a daily chore, but a daily RITUAL! Choosing coffee beans for the day and how to brew them should be an enjoyable experience and today we highlight two of our favorite ways, using a Chemex coffee maker and […]

Chemex vs. French Press Coffee Maker Infographic


Fair Trade Organic Bolivia limited release

Bolivia is located in the western heart of South America and covers an area of 1,098,581 square kilometers. Two ranges of the Andes Mountains stretch across western Bolivia and shape the country’s three major geographic regions: the mountainous highlands and Altiplano in the west, the semitropical Yungas and temperate valleys […]

Muungano-Congo Coffee Revival

It’s been years since the Democratic Republic of Congo has been able to put forth quality Arabic coffee into the marketplace, but things are changing. Decades ago, Lake Kivu was the hub of coffee production for Congo, but in the aftermath of the 1994 Rwandan genocide and DRC’s own civil […]

muungano Co-op


Project C.U.R.E. part 6

It’s been almost a year since our last visit to the farm in Jinotega, Nicaragua. The last trip was about delivering a container full of medical supplies and humanitarian aid to the farming community. The purpose of this trip was to get back in the community and see the progress, […]