Chemex vs. French Press – An Infographic

Here at Boca Java we LOVE our coffee. It is more than just a daily chore, but a daily RITUAL! Choosing coffee beans for the day and how to brew them should be an enjoyable experience and today we highlight two of our favorite ways, using a Chemex coffee maker and a Bodum French Press coffee maker.

Both methods require time and effort, but both achieve an excellent cup of coffee. The amount of coffee beans used, the temperature of the water and the time it takes to make a perfect cup of coffee are very similar for both the Chemex and the French Press, but the resulting flavor of the coffee is very different for each method.

We love both methods and if you have never experience a cup of coffee freshly brewed from a Chemex or French Press check out the infographic below for some highlights! No matter how you make your perfect cup, Chemex, French Press, Pour-Over, Auto-Drip or other, we’d love to hear about it!

Chemex vs. French Press Coffee Maker Infographic

Chemex vs. French Press Coffee Makers Infographic