Fair Trade Organic Bolivia limited release


Bolivia is located in the western heart of South America and covers an area of 1,098,581 square kilometers. Two ranges of the Andes Mountains stretch across western Bolivia and shape the country’s three major geographic regions: the mountainous highlands and Altiplano in the west, the semitropical Yungas and temperate valleys of the eastern mountain slopes, and the tropical lowlands that span across the northern and eastern regions, known as the Oriente1.

The farmers of Bolivia have a long history of growing coffee as the conditions are favorable. Ninety percent of all their coffee is grown in the Yungas region where altitude, fertile soil, and a consistent rainy season make ideal conditions. Unfortunately, before the U.S. led drug war, Bolivia saw more benefit in growing Coca and left good coffee farming practices behind. A few years ago future prices of coffee were soaring so Bolivian farmers left coca and went back to their old roots of coffee farming while introducing some modern processing techniques as well. Since then there has been an explosion of beautiful specialty grade coffees reemerging from this region. We wanted to be involved in this movement of reconnecting with the farmers as they return to their essence. Bolivia farmer

We’re excited that we were able to get our hands on a small lot of Fair Trade, Organic Bolivian coffee to offer our customers. This coffee was sourced from The Taipiplaya Coffee Farmer’s Association – ASOCAFE – and is situated in the town of Amor de Dios in Taipiplaya, a small region within the Nor Yungas province of the La Paz department. The Association’s coffee is a mixture of centrally washed and sun dried Typica and Caturra. Cultivation takes place on approximately 300 small family farms with altitudes reaching 1800 meters. The community has seen tremendous success in achieving high quality yields recently, winning positions in the Bolivian Cup of Excellence auctions! This is why we chose this limited micro lot and cannot wait for you to try it. Go ahead and order a bag or two of this award winning coffee and let us know what you think.


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