Project C.U.R.E. part 6

It’s been almost a year since our last visit to the farm in Jinotega, Nicaragua. The last trip was about delivering a container full of medical supplies and humanitarian aid to the farming community. The purpose of this trip was to get back in the community and see the progress, provide medical relief with our team of Doctors and asses further needs. Here is a quick update of our most recent trip.

Who went: Boca Java owners Doug and Jason, Project C.U.R.E. Staff and a Team of Doctors

Most coffee farms around the world employ hundreds or thousands of workers to pick the cherries that encapsulate the beans we roast and you brew. These workers may migrate from farm to farm seeking some type of work or refuge, usually accompanied by their families. Unfortunately, not all farms can offer a place to sleep and eat during the harvest season, or provide any type of medical aid for these workers. Coffee farms usually reside high in the mountains with sketchy road access, so stopping by the clinic on the way home usually isn’t an option.

When we partnered with Project C.U.R.E. and our farm in Jinotega, we decided to make it our priority to assist with helping these workers who are directly responsible for picking the ripened cherries, which ultimately end up in your cup. This trip wasn’t only about the new harvest (which, by the way is phenomenal), but more about making sure these workers are getting the necessary medical attention they need. We brought a team of Doctors down that were able to examine over 400 workers and their Kids-Nicfamilies during our short stay. Workers that may not have otherwise received any medical attention due to location or finances were treated at the farm and given proper care. With your help, through our CURE Coffee program, additional housing was built as well. Updates to the current cooking facilities have been made and quality of life for these workers has soared exponentially. To date over $400,000 in critical, life-saving medical relief and humanitarian aid has been delivered to our coffee farmers, their families, and to the greater community of Jinotega, Nicaragua.

Thanks again for choosing Boca Java and helping us make a difference one bag at a time! Each $9 bag of C.U.R.E. coffee translates to $60 of medical relief for this community. Your continued generosity will certainly not go unnoticed by us or these workers.