Socially responsible Direct Trade Estate coffee

Direct Trade NicaraguanBack in June we talked about a new Direct Trade, Project CURE coffee that we launched and you supported. Today we’re super excited to add three more Direct Trade coffees and share our story as to why we believe it’s so important.

Wikipedia describes Social responsibility as an “ethical ideology or theory that an entity, be it an organization or individual, has an obligation to act to benefit society at large. Social responsibility is a duty every individual or organization has to perform so as to maintain a balance between the economy and the ecosystem”. Well said Wiki.

Here is how Boca Java continues to redefine the perfect cup with only exceptional specialty grade coffees. We travel to Origin, Nicaragua in this case, and spend time with the farmers that grow the beans. We stay at their house, tour the farm, meet their families and break bread with the community. This allows us to form a relationship of trust that is mutually beneficial and rewarding. As we cup all the varietals we delicately choose the best of the best to ensure we can create the perfect coffee experience for you.

This collaboration of farmer and roaster allows us to eliminate the middleman and any organizations that control the certifications. The end result being a process which grants us the opportunity to simply exchange a premium price (yes, more than Fair Trade) directly to the farmer for his efforts.

Of course we win as well when we leave with the highest quality coffee Nicaragua has to offer. A Direct Trade relationship should mean just that, a tangible direct relationship. We like to visit our farmer friends often and keep in touch on a regular basis so we can keep abreast of new crops, conditions, and overall farm life. This isn’t a onetime deal of buying the best beans we can buy directly from a farmer. It’s forming a lasting friendship where both sides mutually benefit from the beloved crop they grow and we roast.

This particular farm in Jinotega, Nicaragua sits at elevations between 950-1200 meters and was the landing spot for our March origin trip. We were blown away when we toured the farm and saw all the workers diligently harvesting the ripened varietals. Above and beyond the coffee crops was plush green land set aside for growing food for the workers and living quarters for them to rest. Well established tree canopies provide natural shade cover for the birds, while pesticides and herbicides remain the enemy. Over the days we spent there we hung out in the community and had dinner with the locals. It really gave us a sense of what was happening in this region and an understanding of how we could help. With their struggles to remain above poverty and our premium price that is paid directly to the farmer it’s benefiting not only his family, but the surrounding community as well. So after lea


We invite you to join us as we embark upon this great journey and try our new socially responsible Direct Trade coffees. Your decision to make a difference with your cup won’t go un-noticed with us or the community in Jinotega, Nicaragua.ving Nicaragua we realized we didn’t need a middleman to help us communicate with our new farmer friend and we have not looked back since.

Our Pacamara offering is an aromatic, bright and exotic light to medium roast coffee that’s a perfect breakfast choice.

The JavaNica offering is a smooth and creamy medium roast with hints of milk chocolate and walnuts. This one is sure to please the masses.

Bold, sweet and smooth describes this unique and complex Dark roast Harvest blend. It’s a celebration of the best estate grown Direct Trade varietals in Jinotega, Nicaragua.