Royal Treatment offer for loyal customers

Are you a current club member? If so look for this next private email special highlighting some of our premium coffees packaged together for a huge savings.

The Royal Treatment package includes 100% Hawaiian Kona, 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain Reserve and our Kenya AA offering. One of my favorites is the highly prized Kenya AA which produces a superb coffee with a dry, winy character often found in this East African coffee-growing region. Our single origin Kenya Cruising coffee delivers a bright finish with a hint of black currant and citrus fruits also characteristic of the Arabica coffee beans in the region. I would highly recommend brewing the Kenya in a Chemex–8-cup/8189 or pour over which are now back in stock. Both brew methods will provide you an excellent clean, sweet cup that might just cause you to ditch the old drip machine.

So much has already been said about our 100% Estate grown Hawaiian Kona  and Jamaican coffee that it has become a coveted treat for members to receive this special offer. So here is the skinny on the Royal Treatment offer that’s unfortunately not available to the general public.

1 bag of Kenya AA, 1 bag of 100% Hawaiian Kona plus a bag of 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain Reserve for $44.95. This would normally be a $77 endeavor so I encourage you to take advantage of the 42% savings while it’s on. Also available for this offer is complimentary shipping.

If you’re not a club member we want to invite you to join and start receiving private emails regarding specials offered only to you.Royal Treatment_9-25-12


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* Offer starts 9/25 and runs through 9/29. All discounts applied at checkout.