Project CURE part-1


In part 1 of our Project C.U.R.E. Series we discussed the program a bit and talked about our trip to the Jinotega region of Nicaragua. This trip was special in that it not only further connected us with the farmers but gave us an up close look at the health care system in the region.

We started the C.U.R.E Coffee project in an effort to improve the lives of the farming communities we do business with. We’ve partnered with coffee farmers in Jinotega Nicaragua who harvest and sell their coffee directly to us. This means they get a fair value for their premium crop that they put so much effort and love into. Boca Java then roasts the beans for bags of C.U.R.E. Coffee which helps fund PROJECT C.U.R.E’sefforts. $3 from every bag of C.U.R.E. Coffee goes to provide medical relief to the same villages and surrounding communities in Nicaragua where the coffee beans are grown. This is a full life cycle project that makes a tremendous impact on the lives of the coffee farmers and their community. In early 2013, medical supplies will arrive at the farm courtesy of a $20,000 C.U.R.E Coffee donation from a local Coloradoan Rotary Chapter. Another shipment is slated for later in the year from the sales of bags of C.U.R.E Coffee on You can make a difference with every bag of C.U.R.E Coffee you purchase.

Direct From the Farm:
Hidden deep in the mountains surrounding Jinotega, Nicaragua lies some of the most fertile farming soils and old-growth rain forest canopy – producing some of the best specialty grade, shade-grown 100% Arabica coffee beans in all of Central America. The brothers and owners of Boca Java traveled to Jinotega and met with local farmers to offer you a coffee experience like no other. Our “direct trade” partnership means we buy our beans directly from local coffee farmers – cutting out the middle man.

Making an Impact:
We believe that every organization has a responsibility to take action to benefit the community at large. In coffee growing regions around the world, coffee farmers often aren’t paid a fair premium for their product and many live below the poverty line.

With every sip of our Direct Trade coffees you can help put more money in the hands of local farming communities who work so hard to bring you the best tasting coffee on earth. Join Boca Java in redefining the perfect cup and experience the amazing taste of our new, roasted-to-order, estate grown Direct Trade coffees.