Project C.U.R.E. Direct Trade Nicaraguan coffee

coffee-farmThis past March we had the opportunity to head down to the Jinotega region of Nicaragua to meet with some coffee farmers and their community. The purpose of this trip: Forge a long-term, personal, direct trade relationship with farmers and asses the needs of the community’s healthcare system.

First let’s define this sometimes confusing term, Direct Trade, for Boca Java and not necessarily the coffee industry as a whole. We see it as visiting our farmer friends at origin, cupping the best estate coffees they grow, and then doing business directly with the farmer to ensure the premium price goes into the farmer’s hands. This lets us see the crop and conditions from the source to ensure we buy the best quality beans possible and the farmer gets the right price for his artisan craftsmanship.  With economic sustainability being a goal of the relationship both parties will benefit from the trade. It’s also important to us to not just choose the best beans but to look at the conditions for the workers who harvest this high grown specialty crop. We found out most coffee farms don’t always offer food or shelter to their harvest workers, let alone decent pay. So as we toured around this Jurassic Park like setting (not size, just sheer beauty) of a farm we noticed the amount of other food they grow for the workers and the shelters for room and board they provide. It was a scenario you could actually insert yourself into.Cherry-sorting

We then partnered with Project C.U.R.E.,  who builds sustainable healthcare infrastructure by delivering medical supplies, equipment and humanitarian relief to needy communities in 120 countries. So as we visit the farm we get to see the conditions of the community’s healthcare system as well.  Let’s just say it’s not like here in America. Conditions of hospitals and clinics are subpar at the least while Doctors and nurses use out-dated equipment with little to no resources to help. Lines are long and it’s not even a given you will be seen that day. But I’m not writing about the current conditions of Nicaragua’s healthcare system; just a program we started that we believe can help.

Green-bean-selectionThe Project Cure Nicaragua program lets us bring back the best estate grown coffees, roast it fresh to order for you while giving $3 a bag back to Project Cure. Once we raise $20,000 Project Cure delivers over $400,000 worth of medical supplies, equipment and personnel to the Jinotega region of Nicaragua. With every purchase you’re supporting Direct Trade coffee and helping strengthen the healthcare system in Jinotega Nicaragua.

Don’t just settle for any coffee. Choose one that can help make a difference in someone’s life.