International Coffee Day

Cortado on International Coffee DayIt’s that time of year again when we can celebrate the nation’s most important holiday…Ok, almost the most important. September 29th of each year has been set aside as International Coffee Day as the United States, Canada, Malaysia, Ethiopia, and England all participate in a day of coffee debauchery. No one really knows the exact origin of “International Coffee day”, but as the Specialty coffee scene here stateside continues to thrive it sure gets a lot of attention.

As history points out we know tea dominated the world as a beverage of choice until 1773 when the Boston Tea Party changed the way we think about coffee. With the arrival of those three tea ships to the Boston port, history was changed for the good (In my opinion). Since then coffee in the U.S. replaced tea as the drink of choice and has been taking the world by storm. Traditional tea drinking societies like the U.K., China and India all are experiencing the effects of coffees submissive powers by making the transition. There is a reason coffee remains the 2nd most traded commodity in the world behind oil. And in 1942 when coffee was rationed for soldiers during the war, civilians recall it as their “toughest sacrifice”.

I think the Nineties ushered in a new coffee era as well, one that continues to change the way we think about this little muddy beverage. Coffee is not just coffee anymore, it’s separated and graded according to higher standards. Over the year’s farmers, chemists, artisan Roasters and Barista’s have challenged this thought by taking it to the next level with their skill set. It is no longer the norm to have to succumb to stale, boring and burnt coffee that’s been sitting around in pots on a burner. Freshness is king and brewing techniques have changed the way we experience coffee. This coffee culture allows each individual on the perpetual journey for the “grail” to ultimately find it at home or in your local Indie shops with relative ease.

So as we celebrate International Coffee Day let us remember our shortcomings in history with the tea gig and boldly embrace the new coffee experience that’s before us. Remembering why coffee houses were started in the first place, a gathering place to be social and interact with each other while sipping black gold. Consider with each sip the overall journey from crop to cup. The farmers and entire communities devoted to a crop while tilling the land and relentlessly fighting nature’s recourses. The roasters who passionately craft each beans destiny with care, caution and perfection only to bring out the best flavor characteristics. The Baristas who have mastered the art of brewing, grinding and extraction ratios to put forth a cup like no other that challenges even the most trained palates.

Coffee is here to stay and it continues to progress to new levels unthought-of in years past. So put down that cup that requires a slew of other ingredients to be palatable and seek out fresh gourmet coffee like you would a good wine or craft beer.  Embrace the coffee culture this International coffee day.

We’re excited about the possibility tomorrow brings the Specialty coffee sector and want to share our enthusiasm with you through this offer.  Thanks for reading our blog, my friends.

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