Denver design students ditch energy drinks for Iced Atomic Coffee

Iced-Atomic-CinnabuzzDo you remember those days of studying and cramming long hours to get that paper done? Running on minimal sleep and having that perpetual feeling of lethargy? Well our friends at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design have figured out an answer to sleep deprivation. Iced Atomic Cinnabuzz! ( This high powered, 50% more caffeine drink is now being served at the Underground Café for students who need that extra punch to motivate the soul to finish their studies.

Our Atomic line was developed using the same top 2% Arabica beans from around the world with a little extra kick to give it 50% more caffeine then the average cup of Joe.  Perfect for you college students, developers, bloggers, and whoever else out there that needs that extra boost.

The design students took it a step further by serving it cold (with or without sweetness) which is ideal considering today is supposed to be 98 degrees. We tip our hats to you men and woman who have ditched those sugary energy drinks and who boldly drink multiple cups of Iced Atomic Cinnabuzz!  Also really good is the Iced Peanut Butter Bomb.  It’s like eating a Reese’s peanut butter cup without the calories, if you care a


bout that kind of thing.

If interested in serving up any of our specialty coffees, drop us a line at and we’ll get you all dialed in. Meanwhile check out our lab videos for a good laugh.