Caffeine Crawl Boulder-2012

CaffeinecrawlFinally an event you can join in on that is sure to be super fun, memorable, and craft industry educational. The guys at the LAB have interwoven their love of craft foods/drinks with a one of a kind Caffeine Crawl experience and are bringing it to cities near you.

On September 8th in Boulder, Colorado over a hundred participants will walk, bike or blade to several different locations on the famous Pearl Street downtown. The ticket purchasers will be split up and provided a detailed experience like no other as they visit local roasters, coffee shops and other specialty stores. The experience is designed by the LAB (formerly Lab 5702)  and promises to intertwine the public with educational, behind the scene tours of several craft industry stores you cannot get unescorted. It’s sure to be a swell time, so come on out to see your local artisans of food and beverage take it to the next level and leave your senses salivating. Oh yeah, you get a goody bag too.

Why you ask?

I think everyone seems to be following a trend these days of making choices based on quality not quantity. We’re looking past the price and demanding transparency, social responsibility, and sustainability with our choices. Choosing the aged cheddar crafted by a small artisan shop somewhere instead of the mass produced block with copious amounts of unheard ingredients. What about enjoying a local beer crafted by a Brew master in small batches using only the best grains and hops? Even better, I dare you to walk past the stale coffee sitting on shelves next time you’re at the grocery store. Don’t settle for quantity, demand quality! Buy fresh from your local roaster, someone who has spent the time sourcing only the best Arabica coffee from around the world and profile roasting it to perfection. You will notice a difference when you brew that cup of freshies and your palate comes alive. Trust us.

So get your tickets  and join us at the  Caffeine Crawl next Saturday. We will be down at Foolish Craig’s  collaborating with Boulder Organic Coffee Co while hosting the “aftercrawl”. Great coffee, good times and even better espresso!

*Keep an eye out for a crawl near you.