Boca Java Troop Program

BlogBocaJavaUSOPartnershipWe wanted to give a big THANK YOU to everyone for your continuing support of Boca Java’s Coffee for the Troops Program. From Veteran’s Day through Thanksgiving, we were able to donate an additional 130,000 cups of coffee to our military men and women serving honorably around the world.
“You have no idea how much a simple cup of good brewed coffee means to the men and women serving in these very dangerous and harsh environments”
In Oct 2003, one of the troops in Iraq contacted us requesting a coffee donation. The letter went on to explain there were many things the troops have to go without, but a few things, like a good cup of coffee would really be appreciated. We mailed out several boxes and received a nice email back in Nov 2003 that showed us how much they appreciated it. From that point forward, we have been sending regular shipments to the troops and we continue to get tremendous feedback on how much they appreciate it.

In 2005, we expanded our donation program, formally launching OPERATION MILLION CUP, and invited our customers to send an 8 oz bag of coffee to the troops. The program has been such an overwhelming positive experience for both our military serving honorably overseas and for us internally as a company; and the results speak for themselves. This program connects Boca Java customers directly with our U.S Troops by proudly serving the best gourmet coffees available to our U.S. Troops serving overseas. Customers purchase and/or donate coffee, we roast, pack, ship and manage the process of fresh coffee drops to the front lines. Help us give a welcomed piece of home to our military men and women around the world, one cup at a time.
In 2011, Boca Java™ achieved two milestones: Surpassing 7.5 Million Cups donated and forging a new partnership with the USO™. To date, Boca Java™, and our loyal customers, have purchased or donated over 7.5 MILLION cups of gourmet coffee to our U.S. Troops serving honorably overseas. “We’re at a point where we’re pinching ourselves to see if this is all just a dream. Our customers have risen to the occasion of helping us support the troops to such an unimaginable extent that it really does seem like a dream. With their help, we have been able to bring so many of our soldiers some comfort from home.
Boca Java™ matches customer donations of coffee, bag for bag, and ships it at its own expense to troops all over the world. We even feature a coffee blend developed with U.S. troops in mind called “Brew of Bravery.” In the words of Lt. Col. Mitch B., “There are two things I look forward to in the morning: a good cup of Joe and no reports of injuries during the night. You have no idea how much a simple cup of good brewed coffee means to the men and women serving in these very dangerous and harsh environments.” Boca Java™ would like to formally invite you to join us on our new mission: Operation 10 Million Cup and our new 2012 partnership with the USO’s USO2GO Program.
We have included some pictures from our recent drop at the Denver International Airport (DIA) USO Center, which serves over 250,000 military personnel and their families every year.
** Thank you again for your continued support of our Coffee for the Troops Program. Find out how you can say “Thank You” to our brave Military Men and Women here.