Boca Java Project C.U.R.E. Part-5

It’s been awhile, my friends, since our last update so we wanted to summarize the latest trip to Nicaragua. In March of 2013 Boca Java was able to retrofit a hospital in Jinotega, Nicaragua for eight months with a container of medical supplies. We talked about the containers contents in Part 4 of this series, see it here. This container was also followed up by a team of doctors and nurses that were on hand in an M*A*S*H style setup to train the current staff. This particular hospital serves over 400,000 residents in the area and is now actually equipped to do so. A professional film crew was also on hand to capture this moment and help document the journey that was started through the Boca Java Project CURE coffee program.

Watch the video and see what your purchases of our Project CURE coffee was able to accomplish. We’re excited about the endless opportunities this partnership with Project C.U.R.E. offers. Bringing humanitarian aid to impoverished regions like Jinotega, Nicaragua, thru coffee sales, is just part of a full life cycle we like to be a part of.  So THANK YOU for all your support!

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