Boca Java Project C.U.R.E. part-4

With the season of Giving in full swing, we would like to share some more good news of how – with your support – we have been able to give back. We mentioned in part-3 of this series that we were ready to load up a container full of medical supplies and ship to Jinotega, Nicaragua. We’re thrilled to announce that the day has finally come to load a 40 foot long container with over $400K of humanitarian aid and medical supplies!

I was blown away to see the vastness of the Project C.U.R.E. warehouse that stores all of the donated medical supplies and equipment. Walking in you get that feeling of being a part of something bigger than yourself. Volunteers greet the day with smiles knowing they will be assisting people around the globe with their efforts. A quick chat with one volunteer reminded me that the work put forth here in Denver could be saving a kid’s life in Somalia or helping a family in Nicaragua. Project C.U.R.E. ( serves over a 130 countries by providing necessary medical equipment and supplies to impoverished regions. These are Hospitals and clinics that are in need of the most basic supplies and equipment just to help their patients.

Today, with the your help and generosity, our Coffee for a Cause – Project C.U.R.E. Coffee program is ready to load out a 40 foot container and get it to the community of Jinotega, Nicaragua. Four hundred thousand dollars worth of medical supplies looks to be a hefty load, so definitely no space can be wasted (think real-life Tetris). Most of this equipment includes things that we may take for granted as we frequent hospitals and clinics in our own communities. The impact it will make at its destination, where it will surely be met with gratitude, will last forever. Much needed beds, nebulizers, dentist chairs, needles, monitors, gurneys, Crutches, IV poles, tables, medicine, stethoscopes, baby bottles, sutures, oxygen masks, and so much more packed away for the journey to Hospital Victoria Motta and San Raphael Clinic in Jinotega. Included as well are a thousand C.U.R.E. kits for kids ( and a Croc’s donation of shoes and boots! Shortly after this container arrives in Jinotega, a team of Doctors and nurses will also show up to train staff and help set up the equipment. What an exciting and rewarding day to just be a part of something so stupendous.

Thank you for making this possible and for your continued support of our Project C.U.R.E. Coffee program. If you haven’t already, read more here and see how you can help us get the next container filled.