Boca Java Calls on Americans to Help Deliver Big Pick-Me-Up to Deployed Troops

uso1It’s been my pleasure over the years to be involved in one of the greatest “Coffee for a cause” programs ever! Our coffee for a cause programs are pretty simple. Take the best Arabica beans you can source from around the world, Roast them artisan style in our state-of-the-art roastery, then deliver them fresh to your door while taking a portion of the proceeds and making a difference. 

So over the years, with the help of the best customers in the world,   we have donated 7.6 million cups of coffee to our men and women stationed around the globe.  With our troop donation program we give 3 easy options to get involved and we’ll even match your generosity!  Since moving from the beautiful ocean breezes of Florida to the majestic Rockies of Colorado we partnered with the USO ( and are committed to reaching a new goal of 800,000 more cups in the near future! Now that’s a lot of coffee!

Read some of the responses we get from the troops who receive care packages with Boca Java coffee and see why it’s so important to us ( and if you feel compelled to  get involved click here to read the details of how you can help our troops in a big big way. (  You can also read the official press release ( which covers the new USO2go program in detail.

We like to think as we redefine the perfect cup that we’re helping change the world one cup at a time!