Daily Archives: November 26, 2013

Boca Java Summer time favorites

Tis’ the season to be drinking Iced coffee I reckon. Here in Denver it’s been getting into the 90’s already so we wanted to drop a reminder about some coffee recipes that may help deal with the heat.  Since Coffee isn’t just for breakfast anymore feel free to get crazy […]



Project C.U.R.E. Direct Trade Nicaraguan coffee

This past March we had the opportunity to head down to the Jinotega region of Nicaragua to meet with some coffee farmers and their community. The purpose of this trip: Forge a long-term, personal, direct trade relationship with farmers and asses the needs of the community’s healthcare system. First let’s […]

Exciting day here at Boca Java

New coffee has arrived. It’s always a good day when you receive thousands of pounds of new and current crop coffees.  A truck backs in to the docks and flings its doors open while the smell of fresh green coffee pours out to stimulate the olfactory senses. It’s not every […]


How do we choose our beans?

Very good question! We get our Arabica coffee beans from all over the world, but the way we select just the right ones is by the process of “cupping” the coffee beans. Coffee cupping is the process used to evaluate the aroma and taste characteristics of a coffee sample. A […]