Project C.U.R.E. part-3

Boca-Java-Direct-TradeLast week owner and President, Jason Barrow, was back in Jinotega, Nicaragua sustaining new and old relationships. With the last update we were making great strides to fulfill our mission with Project CURE and the Jinotega community. First and foremost, it’s our passion to keep a close eye on current/future crops, walk the farm and observe overall health of our Direct Trade coffee crops. Were also ecstatic about the positive changes we have seen on the farm this trip. Hydro electricity has been put in place, employee housing has been updated and a new dry mill is under way. This provides jobs, money and overall improvement of lifestyle for the community of Jinotega. The atmosphere seemed much more jubilant as new opportunities and growth commenced at the farm.

This trip Boca Java was accompanied by Project CURE staff to make arrangements for the January drop of the first container (yes, you can clap your hands. We’re elated too). Meetings with the city mayor and council were adjourned with all the details lined up and everyone exploding with excitement. As we mentioned in Project C.U.R.E series part-2, Boca Java has been committed to raising money for the health care system of Jinotega, Nicaragua where we source our prized Direct Trade green beans. This container that will be delivered in January will contain over $400k of medical supplies and humanitarian relief for this impoverished region. Included, but not limited to, will be supplies such as chairs, beds, needles, equipment and primary MD supplies. This area, unfortunately, is ravished by poverty so even the most basic supplies are missing from the equation. That’s why your support of CURE coffee has been such an integral piece of a full life circle project. Yes, you can buy coffee anywhere, but you choose to spend your money knowing your dollar went further than the bag in hand. We buy the highest quality green beans direct from farmer, roast them to order and sell to you. Proceeds go back into the community in the form of jobs, healthcare aid, humanitarian relief and lifestyle improvement. Full life circle if you ask me. FARM-LIFE

The CURE coffee program will also be providing teams of Dr’s for the next 3-5 years to Jinotega. These Dr’s will arrive with 50lbs of medical supplies in hand to assist in care, retrain staff and provide clinics without interrupting the normal flow or process. How exciting knowing you played a role in changing the landscape of a community? Mother’s giving birth will have a better survival rate; common disease/viruses won’t claim unnecessary lives and run rampant. Healthier kids usually equates to happier kids and a more vibrant life experience. So next time you visit your Dr check out the facility, equipment and amount of staff on hand. Then reduce that number and quality drastically and you can begin to conceptualize the Jinotega, Nicaragua healthcare system. We share this and provide this opportunity with CURE coffee because we’re passionate about our coffee and the lives it impacts.
Learn more here and get involved. Our Project CURE coffee is sure to please, but the satisfaction of knowing your helping a community will far outlast the bag when it’s empty.